ROBERT'S  passion and mission are to bridge cultural gaps, fight for the disenfranchised, and to walk alongside those journeying toward wholeness from trauma and adverse childhood experiences. He strongly believes it's God's heart for all of his children to walk in healing and wholeness.


It has been Robert's privilege to travel the globe for over 20 years, sharing his love for Jesus and his understanding of God's love with and for humanity. The focus of his ministry is to assist people in overcoming the effects of unjust and unfair systems, as well as trauma and traumatic life experiences. The mission of his ministry is to bridge cultural gaps, fight for the disenfranchised, and to offer to heal to the wounded and broken-hearted. Well-studied, Robert has attended several reputable colleges and universities both nationally and internationally. This has been fueled by his unique passion for being an academic and practitioner of his faith and conviction that God desires  His children to walk in obedience, wholeness, and holiness. He proudly serves on the pastoral staff at  Transformation  Church alongside his Pastors and spiritual leaders, Apostle Dr. Omar & Gicele Lindley. He also celebrates his life with his best friend and wife Jackie and their three children, Caleb, Caden & Ariyah Marshall.