Our History

Transformation Church International, formerly known as The Church of Jesus Christ International, was founded by Bishop Esteban and Pastor Isabel Wray (originally from the Republic of Panama) in October 1986. Pastors Esteban and Isabel Wray started their church services in the basement of their Englewood home.

Within a few months, the church grew and Pastor Esteban and Isabel along with their three daughters Gicele, Shanida, and Naomi and a few members left their home and rented their first location at 1941 W. 69th Street. After a fire, they were forced to relocate to another rented location at 512 E. 75th Street. In 1992, after much growth, they purchased a permanent location at 8110 S. Racine in Chicago. In July 2015, the Lord spoke to Pastor Isabel about re-locating the church to accommodate the international mandate (multi-cultural) that was upon the ministry.​

In July 2016, the Lord blessed us to purchase (in cash) our new location at 7711-23 S. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60652. After much prayer and Divine instruction, Bishop Esteban and Pastor Isabel Wray have passed the pastoral baton to Omar and Gicele Lindley. Bishop Esteban and Pastor Isabel Wray are confident that God will use these two vessels to take the ministry that started with them over 30 years ago to another dimension of growth and expansion for the Glory of God.

As part of that new chapter, Pastors Omar and Gicele Lindley adopted a new name, Transformation Church International, which is the name that now identifies the church.

At Transformation Church International, we are sensitive to the mandate of God to transform lives worldwide. We realize through the Holy Spirit that when lives are transformed, families are transformed. When families are transformed, communities are transformed. When communities are transformed our city is transformed. When our cities are transformed, there will be TRANSFORMATION worldwide. We can expect great things!


Mission Statement
Connecting People to God so that they will be transformed into the Image He created them to be.


Vision Statement
Transforming Lives Worldwide!

We pursue our mandate of Transforming Lives Worldwide by:


  • Promoting the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, hurt, broken, and rejected

  • Teaching about the transforming power of the word of God

  • Empowering believers to live a Christ-focused Life

  • Transforming and Empowering our community through effective outreach

  • Allowing our community members to experience the Love of God through us

  • Connecting with and becoming an Oasis for our community

  • Arising to the answer the call and needs in our community and in the Kingdom of God

  • Being Hope for the Hopeless

  • Manifesting the love of God to people of ALL NATIONS